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Documents and files form the foundation of business processes for many organisations. Whether they be physical paper documents and/or in electronic form, failure to manage these corporate assets and other content can leave an organisation unable to function effectively and efficiently.

One common issue is the hidden cost of staff losing precious time because they cannot find the files and documents they need to do their work. In the age of electronic content, so much is held in individual emails or individual folders it can often be impossible to locate what is required. Collaboration grinds to a halt. The use of mobile devices has only exacerbated this as an issue.

There are also government policy and legal requirements which necessitate the orderly retention, archiving and disposal of many different types of records.

IMEX can assist you with solving these issues. As experts in business analysis,electronic document management, records management and content management, we provide solutions that are in keeping with the work of your organisation

IMEX services include business and process analysis, process and technical design, data migration, software installation and training. 

IMEX is a supplier and technical specialist in HP Records Manager and HP TRIM software.



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