We help out customers overcome the everyday challenges associated with information governance and document / records management through software and services that improve the user experience and maximise return on investment. Focused exclusively on HP TRIM / HP RM, our extensive range of software solutions are designed to easily integrate into existing systems or be implemented as new solutions, enable projects to be delivered faster, more effectively and with a higher degree of success


Outback Imaging is an Australian-owned software research and development company headquartered in Brisbane that specialises in the area of Document Capture (scanning, importing, conversion, routing and output). We develop and sell our own EzeScan software products. We do not develop custom software solutions or software products for third parties to own. We always own 100% of the Intellectual Property in EzeScan.


Our new company will focus on the enterprise, both large and small.  We know that what we do is core to the businesses of our customers and partners.  We are innovators at heart – that’s in our DNA.  We had to continue to bring forth the practical innovation we’ve always been known for – the pride we feel in inventing new ways to improve how we live and work.
And, there are new elements we want to explore, like agility, openness and partnership with our customers. It takes more than great technology to succeed in the world today. It also takes an environment where collaborative people, empowering technology, and transformative ideas come together to carry our customers forward faster.  This will be at the heart of Hewlett Packard Enterprise