IMEX Solutions - Training 

IMEX Solutions provides high quality services which adopts a lifecycle approach to information management and the application of technology:

  • Strategic Planning: facilitating strategic planning in relation to the use of information and identifying the demand for information and processing.
  • Information Governance: assistance in setting information governance and management policies and procedures.
  • Information Analysis: identifying the information utilised within an organisation and its value.
  • Business Process Analysis: identifying and mapping key business processes and the data and information flows that are contained within those processes.
  • Information Architecture: analysing how data and information is transferred around an organisation.  This is to determine whether the right information gets to the right people at the right time in an efficient, reliable and manner.
  • Benefits Management: developing the business case for solutions based on the benefits and costs, Benefits mapping identifies who is responsible for delivering benefits and simplifies the roles and relationships between vendors, internal IT staff and the business leading to greater ROI.
  • Implementation Strategy: using a range of techniques to ensure the full range of project critical success factors are addressed as part of project planning.
  • Project Management: planning and managing the project according to accepted industry standards and principles
  • Training: conducting workshop and workplace training to realize the benefits of a solutions investment.

IMEX Solutions staff have a wide variety of experience in all of the above areas. This experience ensures that clients are not over-analysed. The services provided are based in an appropriate cost, time and quality balance.