IMEX Solutions - HP Records Manager

Hewlett Packard's TRIM software is a document. records management and workflow processing software package. With tight desktop integration and the ability to scale across large, distributed environments, HP TRIM lets you capture, manage, access and make more secure your enterprise information, from electronic to physical records and from creation to ultimate disposal.

HP TRIM is a complete highly configurable document and records management solution built on a single code base to the international standards of records management. HP TRIM is licensed as a base system with additional optional modules.

The base package license includes HP TRIM functionality delivered through either a desktop client or a web client.

HP TRIM for SharePoint module users can access HP TRIM functionality from SharePoint.

Record Management functionality includes:

  • Record Types
  • Business classification
  • Thesaurus
  • Retention Schedules and Holds
  • Retention Review
  • XML Export
  • Label printing and barcode processing for paper records
  • Metadata and Record Statistics Reports
  • Security Levels and Caveats

Document Management functionality includes:

  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Version and Revision Control
  • Actions and Procedures
  • Action Statistics Reports
  • Boolean Search Engine, including metadata and content, proximity searching and fuzzy searching
  • HP TRIM Image low end scanning application

HP TRIM additional modules included in the base package are:

  • HP TRIM Web Client – This the zero footprint browser interface designed for ease of use. It is developed with a focus on usability for the end user and is designed to be consistent with the look and feel of the HP TRIM rich client and is customisable to suit your intranet. It complies with US 508 Accessibility Guidelines and is verified to US DoD 5015.2 V3.
  • Content Indexing – Creates indexes of any textual content in records stored in HP TRIM. It provides full text searching for content that can be combined with metadata searching using Boolean operators.
  • WebDrawer – Provides Web Access to data and documents in HP TRIM through an ISAPI extension for IIS. It is used for read only access to HP TRIM from the internet.
  • Document Caching – Allows electronic documents to be cached on workgroup servers to overcome bandwidth and network limitations. Caches can be configured in size and by document types.
  • Transmittal/Communications – Compiles a mail registry in HP TRIM of all mail and communications with details of; Addressee, Sender, Carrier, Carrier reference number, date and direction of communication.
  • Annotate/Redaction – Allows TIFF images to be annotated and sensitive information to be blanked out (redacted).
  • Guest Gateway – Allows the configuration of a Guest User account that can be used for unlimited anonymous access to HP TRIM. All users connecting through the Guest User account will use its login profile for security and access restrictions; and any actions performed will be logged against its single identity.
  • Kofax Xtension – The Kofax Release Script allows images to be captured into HP TRIM directly from the Kofax Ascent Capture high-end scanning software. New records can be created or images can be attached to existing records in HP TRIM. Record metadata can be entered during the Ascent Capture Validation or Verification stages or it can be captured automatically from form zones using OCR/ICR.
  • LabelLink Xtension – Provides integration between HP TRIM and ColorBar Gold which allows printing of special color coded file labels.
  • Directory Synchronization – Provides an import and maintenance tool to map HP TRIM users from any LDAP compliant directory e.g. Active Directory or Novell e-directory and links LDAP data fields to HP TRIM data fields.

The HP TRIM Optional modules include:

  • HP TRIM Workflow module – is a comprehensive workflow engine that is embedded in the HP TRIM software records management system. HP TRIM Workflow lets you relate workflows to documents and records, so that the right people have immediate access to the documents they need when they need them. The workflow module includes, a graphical workflow editor, template based workflow creation, sequential and parallel routing, decision branching, escalation, activity suspension, authorization of complex processes.
  • HP TRIM Rendering module – provides a fully automated process for storing both an original document and its renditions to a record. If you plan to maintain electronic records for a long period of time, you need to keep those records usable even if their original format becomes obsolete. HP TRIM Rendering can create long-term portable document format (PDF) renditions of your printable content as a server-side process and store them with their original records using HP TRIM support for multiple renditions.
  • HP TRIM Web Content Management module – is an integral part of HP TRIM software and manages the content and structure of websites, including the creation, editing, approval and publication processes, the framework and navigation, distributed authoring, archiving and retrieval.
    Through tight integration with HP TRIM, HP TRIM Web Content Management lets you quickly and consistently manage your Internet, intranet and extranet sites using a web browser. This provides a single point of access to information for authorized users, including customers, partners and employees, to deliver content that is highly dynamic, relevant and more secure without the need for specialized web publishing skills.
  • HP TRIM Space Management – lets you manage paper and other physical records in a long-term storage facility to meet your specific business needs. With HP TRIM Space Management, you can set up and manage your storage facility as a graphical hierarchy of arranged storage space. You can define a storage hierarchy model that represents your physical storage space and you can then set up different physical storage bay and shelving layouts in your model and design your space according to your organizations’ needs.
  • HP TRIM module for SharePoint Integration – HP TRIM can manage, finalize, relocate and archive all SharePoint content including blogs, wikis, discussions, documents, and sites, according to established business rules set at an administrative level. Click here for further information on HP TRIM and SharePoint integration.
  • HP TRIM module for SAP Integration – automatically captures and organizes SAP ArchiveLink documents and SAP metadata across the enterprise for review by both SAP and non-SAP users. This allows you to store all important corporate documents in context and in containers of related information into a single system for a centralized view of the information. As a result, you can apply enterprise compliance policies across critical financial information and allow non-SAP users to review information created in SAP without the need to use or learn the SAP system.
  • HP TRIM VERS Rendition – VERS is a framework of standards which specifies a standard format for electronic records. It ensures that all records are stored in a documented format, to enable viewing of records in the future, regardless of the system that created them. HP TRIM software is compliant with all specifications of the VERS standard and as such renders documents in VERS format.