IMEX Solutions - Document Management

Document management is a generic term that encompass everything from processing of transactions and workflow management through to records management. At IMEX Solutions document management is differentiated from records management.

Document management is a vital part of knowledge management and should be integrated into an organisation's knowledge management strategies.

An IMEX Solutions Document management system can provide the following benefits:

  • staff being able to store, locate and retrieve the files and documents they need to efficiently complete their work;
  • a smooth electronically-based workflows which enable efficient processing of work;
  • managers, supervisors and colleagues being able to locate and retrieve files and documents in the absence of staff or for workload allocation;
  • desktop and web based access to enable work to be completed at multiple locations;
  • version management for retention and editing of draft reports and correspondence; and
  • role based security ensuring access to the various types and classifications of documents is only available to those with authorisation.



The implementation of a document management system requires an analysis and configuration of a solution to match the organisations requirements.